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Hat Daze by daw
To write with the hat on or off is a question to ask oneself everyday.  I even have two other sites devoted to types of days, Hat Daze for the normal writing with your hat on or off and Bad Hat Daze for the days that you just have to have a go at a subject and don't know if it is a hat day or not...
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Into the Lights-photo by daw
One level of bipolar disorder is hypomania, a mild form of manic depression  marked by elation and hyperactivity.  I happen to have this in the middle of the night or more specifically morning hours.  It can keep me up until 4a.m. or wake me all night and finally get me up at 4-5 a.m. like it did...
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  Margaret Elizabeth Banning, 'given name';  Miss Li'l Bit to all knowing her, for she stood six foot tall with nose more than her chin. She wore support hose under the sheets, just in case, when she napped: and no man did she have, to her late mother's dismay.  She also bore the moniker of...
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Wise Woman's Journey
Wise woman's long life Journey circle began East In North wisdom told-daw 
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A bird over the highway, anywhere in the land of the "free", was trying to fly into a wind, a wind so strong it was getting nowhere, so it just flew and flew and flew into the wind as fast as it could fly.  The voice of the wind was, "No."  And the bird kept flying.  As it...
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Today's news contained the following: Schools confront anti-gay bullying, Serb police clash with anti-gay rioters, Eight held in NYC anti-gay attack, and a city mayor saying that "WE" will no longer tolerate these hate crimes...Those are the ones I read or heard on TV before I saw sumac...
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The Room
The blackbird, red of wing flew as my eyes heard its call: "over, over." And she would not return. And she threatened with her claws.    She sang the song fierce. She sang the song stabbing, through her partner's skin.    And my eyes heard but the soul still could not...
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Why is it that when I take a photo of myself I turn to the left?  When I used a mirror effect I chose the left side of my face to duplicate and I no longer had a round face.  Why is it I always hold my head to the left, my mouth droops to the left, and I taught math for 32 years to the left?  But...
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Being in a Normal Transition
When I was young I thought it perfectly normal to want a room in the attic.  My mood swings were normal, I was "just that age."  It's normal, my allergies are really bad this time of the year.  Then the swing kept swinging and the allergies were year round and the attic was any small...
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Is Justin Bieber a Brett Favre, the man that prompted my sports-challenged friend to say,"Who is Brett Favre? Did he kill someone or something?", when his picture kept showing up on the front page of the news papers,including Canada's, and the lead story on TV prime time News?  No!  Then...
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Silhouetted words, Syncope in fog-lit light. Fall, unquiet mind. 
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Sizz...ling,  my brain walks back through time. am I there, or are the arms of the octapus ride still spinning me?    I place my hat, to connect the wires; too dazed to smile, well-done, retired. 
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She purrs by the sea.                                                                                                                                                                We, lovers; eternity...
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When I turned 50 I started to have un-birthdays.  By the time I was distastefully having my 40th all over againI wondered, why!  Then, like Bob, when I turned 39 I knew it was all worth it.   Oh, have you taken the Real Age Test yet; 60 can be the new 40 if you try. 
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I am a Gleek TweetSinging and dancing spring forthLet's Get Physical
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