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Love Pour Over Me
Love Pour Over Me, a story about restored love amid heart wrenching contrasts, recounts Raymond Clarke’s tumultuous, yet triumphant life experiences. The cradle of Raymond’s life is steeped in unpredictability. His father struggles with alcoholism. His mother abandoned him when he was two years old. Raymond’s track and field successes make him one of America’s top middle-distance...
The gripping tale of a young girl's journey from  poverty and despair enroute to her remarkable and triumphant destiny. "How ever long the night, the dawn will break."  --  African proverb
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Murder mystery set in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1940s.  A prominent African American family, owners and operators of a local grocery store, finds itself embroiled in a murder trial after one of its members marries the daughter of a man who has a dark past and questionable present-day connections.  Two of the family's youngest members have clairvoyant insights into a young...
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Multi-cultural celebrity mystery set in New York City's Chelsea district.  Once an A-list actress, Leslie Fletcher's career has fallen hard.  After she takes out an add for a roommate, she and Robin, an up-and-coming playwrite, embark on a tumultuous relationship that pits them, one against the other.  These two courageous women's ill-balanced relationshp also...
Inspirational story of a successful Chicago, Illinois based defense attorney who struggles to find her place in the world as the child of a prominent educator and Civil Rights leader.  Entering a period of tranquility and romantic bliss, she is met with a health challenge, one she didn't see coming (especially at this happy period in her life).  She knows she must...