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Change If You Have To

If you consider the fact that every living being is connected, you may be able to understand why change is inevitable and also why going through change can feel challenging. Yet, if change is inevitable, each of us must go through change or experience it throughout our life journeys. Demanding that life remain as it is or as it has been for you for the last several years is one way to start feeling stuck, frustrated or flat. Accepting change is like stepping into a world of unknown. Yet, it’s also the way that many historic achievements and victories are created.

Your Way to Increased Business and Personal Successes

Life events such as a loved one’s transitioning, getting laid off from a job you’ve worked at for several years, maybe even decades, the end of a business venture, your children growing up or a move to a different city or state may push you toward change. If you’re currently experiencing change in your life, including change that impacts your creative business goals, products and/or services, don’t throw in the towel. After all, quitting really isn’t an option, because even after you leave this earth you gotta continue our journey elsewhere. Life’s amazing! It truly never ends.

But, as previously mentioned, change doesn’t always feel fun, especially if you didn’t get rewards you wanted the last time you experienced change in your life. However, there’s good news. The past does not have to repeat itself. You can have a different experience this time around.

Stages of Change You May Experience as a Creative Business Leader

The Inter Change Cycle Series team lists six common steps that you (all of us) generally go through as you experience change. If the change is perceived by as being small you may not notice the differences in how you feel or think as you integrate the changes into your everyday life. According to the Inter Change Cycle Series, the six stages of change are:

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