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Sweet-Suspense: Author mixes passion for writing with love for chocolate


Salem resident Denise Robbins will be doing double duty at the Made in New Hampshire Expo, March 27-29, signing her newly-released romantic-suspense novel It Happens in Threes and selling the homemade chocolate treats she makes at her side business “Sweets by Denise.”

A software engineering manager by day, Robbins developed a passion for romantic novels and chocolate at about the same time when she was out of work five years ago. She has continued to combine the two, even incorporating a character in her book that likes to bake when frustrated, and including a favorite chocolate cake recipe on her author Web site.

Robbins will focus on Spring and Easter with her chocolate treats at the Expo, planning to sell chocolate daisy flowers, bunnies, ducks, and flip-flops. Like the cover of her book, her chocolates are colorful and creative. “My slogan is ‘everyone needs a little pixie dust and cocoa powder,’” Robbins said. “My customers tell me I make ‘edible chocolate art.’”

In It Happens in Threes, Robbins uses her knowledge of computers to create a plot that is relevant to today’s economic news, as one of the characters uses software to launder money from large corporations under the guise of helping them with their network security. The heroine writes a piece of software to follow the thief’s software and then make it appear that the funds are transferred – when in fact they aren't.

The Midwest Book Review gave It Happens in Threes five stars and says the novel is “packed with scorching romance, nail-biting suspense, and nonstop action,” making it a great read for both men and women.

Coffee Time Romance gave It Happens in Threes five cups and says, "It Happens in Threes is one adventurous scene after another. Ms. Robbins has written an intense thriller filled with hunky men, beautiful women, and one action-packed stunt after another. I could not put this romantic suspense down; it was just so powerful and overwhelmed my senses."

The Made in New Hampshire Expo takes place at the National Guard Armory in Manchester, and draws thousands of visitors daily who are interested in New Hampshire-made products. More Made in NH information: http://millyardcommunications.com/index.php?submenu=madeinnh&src=gendocs...

For more information on It Happens in Threes, visit Denise Robbins’ website at http://www.deniserobbins.com. For information on Sweets by Denise, visit http://www.sweetsbydenise.com.

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