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We Want Our Country Back!
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"I want my country back!"

As a long-time expat in France, I need to pose several unanswered questions which have been causing me some sleepless nights, lately: 

1) When some groups of people demand that they intend to take America back, who exactly do they feel has invaded and whose culture do they feel has come and colonized our own? 

2) When did this begin? 

3) Are Native Americans asking this? Americans of European descent? Of African descent? Of Asian descent? 

4) Who are they talking about? 

5) When I read that some other groups are demanding that they get their country back, who exactly is demanding this? People who are victims of our previous foreign relations? Reluctant immigrants and other refugees perhaps? 

6) Who are they talking about? 

I would appreciate the feedback, since it is probably apparent to you that I have become completely out of touch. School me on this people! (Post script : I have just been informed that America does not actually have an official language. “ English is the de facto national language of the United States, with 82% of the population claiming it as a mother tongue, and some 96% claiming to speak it "well" or "very well". However, no official language exists at the Federal level. There have been several proposals to make English the national language in amendments to immigration reform bills, but none of these bills has become law with the amendment intact.” Wikipedia 

 People…help me on this one as well… Which English are they talking about? American English? British English? Australian English? Canadian English? 

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Good day!

If we're putting this to a vote, I say go with Australian English. We need more people who know when I say 'It's great weather today!' that I didn't just say 'It's great weather to die!' :)

Anyway, while I'm here, I'll have a stab at your questions, though I'm not American and I don't know who you are talking about either. Some people are just not fond of change, especially the kind that makes the world different from what it was when they were growing up. The pace of change seems to be quicker nowadays. "Patriotism is just an attachment to the food we ate as children," just about sums it up.

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RE:We Want Our Country Back

To answer some of your questions

I am an American, and have observed a number of issues transpire over the decades.

Q 1) It is the American public at large that wants America to return to the principles that it was founded on. The current administration is using Marxist, socialist policies which are counter to the democratic republic which America was founded.

Q 2) Frankly, it began subtly in the 1920's for those with an ideology to destabilize the economy and society. Today, the National Socialist Party, and the Communist party is positions of authority from schools and universities, to local, state and federal government. For decades they denied being Marxist, socialists, or communists, but with the current administration in power, they are publicizing that they are in positions of power and authority and proud to be anti-American valued, and want total control over the government the economy and society.

A tactic to divide society and indoctrinate their agenda's for control over society and the economy, is to insist on a pluralistic society - multicultural and Multilanguage. Though those that want a democratic republic do respect others cultures and ethnicities (those that want their country back), those that want control over society (Marxists, socialists, communists), want their opinions imposed on others. Control over the media is another means that the Marxists, socialists, communists (MSC) use to cloud issues to polarize society. MSC also want to prevent free speech of those that oppose the MSC imposition of MSC ideology.

There are a number of issues that are being presented incorrectly deliberately, for MSC control and rule over the economy and society. It ranges from demonizing oil companies and financial institutions, to promoting global warming. It is about taking from those who worked hard to earn their lifestyle and give to those that only want to receive an handout. Before there can be a victim, there first must be a villain. Certain groups are then told they are victims (when they are not) so the invented villain (oil companies, corporations, financial institutions, etc.) can be blamed as to incorporate MSC ideologies into the legal system, to collapse the economy and control society.

Those that "want their country back" do not claim they are victims. The issues are deliberately confused by the media, since MSC is in high levels of the media, so that society is divided against itself and will have difficulty getting the MSC out of the positions of power and authority. This is why the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party (to emulate the original "Tea party" in the 1700's) was created about two years ago by a number of citizens independently. The TEA Party is all races, all political parties, and teaches the fundamental principles that America was founded on.

The trigger for the global economic meltdown was by the non-issuance of exploration and production permits for crude oil in the USA by the Democrat Party majority controlled, US congress, namely Nancy Pelosi. The global economy could not sustain $140 USD/bbl oil prices, so it culd only do one thing, and that is collapse under the weight of high operating and living costs.

It is a multidimensional issue. This is only a very slim explanation for why the American public is more and more frustrated with the elected officials that are doing everything except want is socially and fiscally prudent.

To answer another question - that the US is American English and Spanish (a plural language society - mandated by those that want to divide the country socially). A single language society is in effect, more stable. The fact is that only a few are prejudice - a huge majority accepts all races and cultures - but to function well, there should be one cultural standard and one language standard to do business and to be an active member in society. the principle is "You can do whatever you want in your homes, just don't force your opinions on me." This is what has been happening more and more - opinions of a few are forced on all others.

I had seven surgeries from a bad car crash, and a bad heart attack five years ago, so for about twenty years, I have not been in good health until recently, and to see the dramatic changes is surprising to me. Most have delt with a slow imposition of ideologies over time and did not realise the problems with the impositions of the MSC's until the problems were so great. It was like the frog in a flask of water, slowly raising the temperature - the slow temperature rise is so that the frog doesnt know it is going to be boiled and does not realise the danger...

I hope this helps point you in a direction. It is too complicated to write only a few lines to address the issues. It is not just that there is change, it is that the change is for a few to have power and control over society and the economy.