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I am more African than you!

I am more African than you are!”

This challenge has been hurled at me far too many times for me to count. Actually the first time was in New York, when my French Moroccan dentist stated, “I am an American Citizen…I suppose that makes me “African American. What do you call yourself?


When I moved to France, things started really getting bizarre….

Over the twelve year that I have been living in Europe, I have come to realize I have some kind of strange Karma. The kind of karma that seems to propel Africans in my direction in social situations…The Caucasian kind!!!!

No kidding.

“I was born in Zimbabwe,” a blonde-haired, blue-eyed acquaintance states, “My husband is American. I am more African than you!”

“I was born in Cape Town” says a fellow guest at an Obama fundraiser, “I have been an American citizen for 10 years. I am an African American…you are not!

“I was born in Namibia… I am an American citizen! I am more…."

I think you get the picture.

The Caucasian African American citizens I have met…and lately they have been numerous, let me tell you… seem to all be extremely possessive with the term “African American”.

Actually, I don’t blame them.

I’ve never been South of Luxor, Egypt, myself. My family…both the European and the African…arrived in American before the Revolution and my Native American ancestors…well…you know….

What these Africans are not aware of, though, is that I personally never referred to myself as an African American. Once we left “Negro” I stuck with the adjective “Black”. Black American seemed more precise… from an American viewpoint, anyway.

I always thought the terminologies “Afro-“ and “African American” were simply trick bags. Some kind of underground movement designed to confuse and contort American perceptions of something.

Caucasian African American citizens are welcome to the term “African American” as far as I am concerned. The ones I have met have families who have been in Africa as long as mine have been in America.

Besides, if both their parents were born in Africa, they would be more African than President Barack Obama!

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neat blog

Yes it is interesting how different peoples perspectives are in comparison to Americans. What I think is unique to Americans maybe it isn't but for instance I am Polish, Dutch and Native American. My grandmother was Native American and I spent a lot of time with her until I was about 14.

Although I look really Dutch and feel a big part of me is Native American. Although there is a certain look all us multi-cultural cousins have in common. Round faces and smaller eyes that is different than my Dutch cousins. To be honest most of the time I don't even mention I am Native American just the Dutch and Polish because I don't fit the mold.

Yes, interesting how people like to weirdly challenge us.

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Ethnic challenges


Thanks for reading and responding.  By the way, my grandmother is Native American, too.  Seminole nation.

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I live in Europe

I related to your nice blog. Your tone is gentle while writing of complex things. There is a really lovely history in our tribe about black ancestors coming to live
on the reservation. I always thought it would be a cool novel topic. I am from a northern reservation near Green Bay I am hesistant to put it on the world wide web as than everyone would be able to find me in a nano-second. Anyhoo, yes, Europeans have very different perspectives as most other countries see it differently. The USA certainly is noisey these days. Although it is soooooooo much better with Europeans attitude toward the USA since Obama got elected. I know this will sound totally gushy but I think it is the high point of civilization that he was elected. I went from hanging my head pretending I was from another planet to totally proud at my grocery store. Oh that is another observation everyone thinks I am English here as it is not common for Americans to live in the suburbs. The stereo-type is rich retired american in Paris and not poor working American in Paris suburb.

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Hello Delorys, welcome to

Hello Delorys, welcome to Red Room! I've enjoyed reading your entries and look forward to more.

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Thank you Susan.

Take care,


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The cool thing about our reservation near Green Bay there are many in the vicinity, (4-5) is that the census and so many people do history work on the people. Every tourist stand has several Phd's work. Every ten years there are records of everyone who comes and goes and all the original charter members on government reservations are available. Its a missing part of the Civil war that a lot of people found haven on the reservations. My family often tells stories of my grandmother's, sister's daughter who married a guy from one of these traveling families and all my cousins really are into it. It's no big deal.