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I am reserve dignity angry man having the tyrant, swelled head and dominant nature of unyielding the palm; but other side, I am faithful, naive, emotional, honest, determined, chauvinism, full blooded and helpful to all with pure dedication.
As I mentioned above I am reserve personality; so, I don’t like chattering with person every time while I have large friend circle. I feel relief and peace in loneliness that’s why I start talking with friends and people when it is too much compulsory otherwise, I don’t feel any need of my friend’s company.
Time rolled. I joined HCL infosystems Ltd on July 14, 2008 . You know very well character persists that’s why according to my nature, I did not talk with my colleagues. I used to maintain distance with my colleagues and tried to talk with them when situation came under compulsion. There was subject of discussion__ Why Deepak loves to live alone? Why does he not take interest in others?
However, no one can understand that leopard can not change his spots. I left my domicile for the job it was another thing but no important issue to me to change myself for the people.
I was fresher that’s why I spent my days in “Testing and Repairing center” to gain the professional and practical knowledge. Miss Godambari Joshi was the first one in TRC who taught me. What she told me about the theory and the parts of the computer I adopted. Miss Asha Tiwari was the second one who taught me simultaneously. However, at that time both were my teacher also but in spite of all that had happened I did not like to talk with them. Even since joining I have been calling them didi (Sister). Didi is a very respectful word in Indian culture but being an executive I could not call them by Madam.
By and by, near about twenty days I had spent in HCL’s TRC. There is one madam name Miss SHIPRA SHARMA on the post of “P4” (Manager Rank). She is also reserve dignity and fully ripen mature. She also does not show interest in others. She likes her duty and work first in priority. Four month has gone but I could not see her immersing in talking with others except when meeting or consultancy program was not held there on the manager level. Simply I feel my nature in her because I like mature than fickle. I decided to write an article on her, so, for this, I went to her to know about her name but she became anger and feel fishy. She asked while scolding me, “Why do you know my name officially?”
I could tell her everything right as it was but I hid. Then she ordered me, “Go!”. Without wasting time I left her chamber after saying sorry.
It was my genuine insult because I was also the member of HCL family but she did not tell me her name that was out of manner. She could not save the value of the post. Notwithstanding, I declared myself defaulter because I respect her too much and indirectly I was also wrong. That situation made me hurt and eyes started pouring tears. I should say that it was rain of tears through my eyes. Half an hour I wept in one room that was not in use.
There was a blizzard in my mind and I felt to take half leave. I went to TRC incharge; name is Mr. Arvind Saini. While taking the permission of half leave, my eyes filled with tears again. Arvind sir started asking about my problem but I hid from him.Suddenly, while leaving the TRC, I was going toward the exit door of the company. I felt that my both sisters were stalking me. Now, this was the time when Godambari didi came near to me to know about my problem with Asha didi but I don’t like to share my problems to others. I like to solve out my problem myself.
They ordered me to stop. I could not subdue the order. Why? I don’t know. They came near to me and asked very politely with love, “What happened, Deepak?”
I was quite and digested that matter but I could not stand in front of her force. I told everything truly while reaching to TRC again with them. They both told me nothing but Godambari didi suddenly left the TRC and came five minutes subsequently. First time I saw the incredible heart of my sister. She was back with the water bottle. She said while pampering me, “Take water and strive to forget it.” Seeing her dedication towards the colleague my heart swelled. I felt genuine love in her nature.
Somehow, I could drink water. But, this thing made me happy that someone cares me and my all three sisters care me too much. Seeing her emotional touch, I really felt one elder sister in her. After that, I started talking with her and with Asha didi. Actually the truth is that my dearest Godambari didi forced me for starting talking with all. Deepti didi and My both sisters are very good in nature but Godambari didi often have problem in promoting herself because she does not know how to express herself truly but she is very pleasant personality. Her finer qualities are that she is humanitarian, patience, very wise and compassionate. She is born to achieve targets and serve every one equally without any prejudice.
Now, due to her reason, I have to control my hot displeasure. She made me tame. It is because she is too much respectful to me so it is my duty to follow her instructions. I can not break her heart while disobeying her. She is the only one over the planet who could make me a cherish nature boy otherwise I spent my life as a supreme authority. Any individual neither in a level to suggest me nor in a level to rule over me and nor in a level to talk with me in high tone but I am her slave. She has full authority to subdue me. She scolds me too much when I do anything wrong but I do not feel. I like her scold...even if she beat me, I will be happy that she treats me hers.
However, I don’t like to hurt her but one day, I lost my patience. I cascaded my anger on her. It was done by me due to reason of Ravikant. At present, he is TRC incharge. It is not my habit to accept the intimidation of any one. For making him down, I did this but I felt I was wrong because there was no fault of my dearest among dearest sister. However, she started hating me. She was not in speaking terms with me after that. One month had gone but she was not calm down and my efforts were also baseless...barely baseless. She could not understand my nature but I am faithful in relation. Her friend decried me, “Deepak, it is you who treat her sister but she does not like to talk with you. You can not force like a dictator anyone for making the relation.”
I could not put up that and I could give the sharp return but I bear only for the heart of my didi. I felt this relation has broken now but after one month she sent me a message. I could not believe that it was her message. Truth is that I read her name on my mobile till two minutes for confirmation. After that, again we are in touch. I decided not hurting her and I do this with full dedication. However, there is one problem with her she does not tell her problem to anyone like me but I want to solve out her all problems because it is first duty of one brother.
She cares me too much. I do not feel myself alone in this unknown place. Godambari didi calls me by Bhulla (younger brother) and Bachche (Little child). My Godambari didi, Asha didi, Deepti didi, Akash Deep, and Vijesh George are the nearest and dearest persons who care me too much here in HCL. They asked every time, “Have I had lunch at time?” It is because they know I am careless.
I do not go far from these Fantastic five even I left three interviews of different companies. I want to live under the shade of my sisters and in the circumference of my friends in the HCL Infosystems limited because I am not mercenary.
However, at last I want to say that 'Blood is not thicker than water'. Godambari didi is The Deity for me and I am her devout. She is not my real sister but she is above all. Yes, above all. I respect her too much by heart and she is highly honorable to me. My dearest above dearest and respected sister is everything in my life and I don't want to hurt her again but I apologies for my mistakenly attribute that hurt her.