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Olga Rodionova* is a very graceful enormous tempting temptress elfin of ten. She has nail biting, quiescent, meritorious, instinct pubescence beauty. This lymphatic temperament celestial damsel is the queen of touchy respective unexampled reigning beauty with fiery rubidium blonde silky hair, amenity on her fair Circe face, soft rubicund rosy cheeks, incredible silvery slightly plumpy figure as charming as sandal, scarlet lips, inebriating sapphire resplendent alluring piercing temperamental eyes and she has a pair of pinkish metacarpus. She is a perfect great beautiful mercurial rosebud of nature or in other words, she is the paradise in this hell. She is the second Juno over the world and every person after seeing this girl says that god has separately specially made her. Obviously she herself has the empire of very-very delicate body as jimp as flower. She is Psyche of this world and the combination of Juno, Hebe, and Venus. It is tough to judge either all four are beauty goddesses or Olga is the beauty goddess of all four. She looks like Hebe among Hebe. This damsel is able to make celibate lusty. She is an extremely thaumatergic comely rose bud.
This great scenic beautiful girl is very cute angel on the world. Amazingly, either she is pretty-pretty encyclopedia of beauty or warm media-magnet beauty goddess with contagious laugh. She ever laughs magically as sorcerer. Her texture is perfect and she belongs to alphabetical symmetry. She is the great wonder of the Universe. She ever looks like that new rose bud is coming out from the calyx. Great sharpness of her beauty can give deep wounds to others. She looks like a seraphic beau ideal. Her figure looks like a big slab of ice. She is the princess of great beau ideal beauty and cynosure and load star of all eyes. Her platinum hair, lips, hips, breast, thighs, face, everything have perfect complete symmetry and nobody can live without taking dip in the blue sea of her prevail eyes. Every one is captivated on the blue pearls of her eyes and her beauty entice to all.
Her fickleness increases inebriation of her beauty. Her appearance is very attractive. God gave her all-rounder beauty. She is beautiful sylph like of inebriating blue light eyes, healthy buttocks, and good projections. She was amazingly wonderful beautiful girl. No one saw such type of allodial reigning beauty and everybody fond off her undulating hips.

She has The Most High beauty. Cinderella, Snow white, and Barbie doll, can never take her place in beauty. She is first winsome alive wonder of the world with beauty, brain, and brawn. She has super nova figure and radiation of empyrean beauty. She is dream girl of the world.

*Olga Rodionova is a character of my novel that I am writing. I took six month to make this character most beautiful. This story is based on the struggle of one The most high beautiful girl. I have completed  my novel  and now I am editting it. Feel this beauty how sesational she is and enjoy the story after publishing.