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Published by My Ongoing Struggle with Misanthropy
The book was Dedra Johnson’s Sandrine’s Letter to Tomorrow. It is not a book that I would normally pick up. I usually go for the over-testosterone stories of people on the edge,...
Published by Mobile Press-Register
Johnson lets objects and moments tell their own stories when she shows the reader a blurred Polariod of a mystery woman on the mantle and a jar of Mamalita's pomegranate jelly....
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Published by People
(3 out of 4 stars) Innocence, it seems, can be hard to crush: Nine-year-old Sandrine Miller--the straight-A student in 1970s New Orleans who narrates Johnson's heartbreaking debut...
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Published by The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune
One of the appealing facets of this character is her love of books and reading, her devotion to letter-writing. Like many lonely young girls, she finds solace in the books she is...
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Published by Booklist
Growing up in New Orleans in the 1970s, Sandrine is proud to be black, but because she is light-skinned and very smart, the black kids think she is stuck-up, and the white kids...
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Published by Publisher's Weekly
This aching debut explores a girl's coming-of-age in poverty-drenched mid-1970s New Orleans. Eight-year-old Sandrine Miller lives like a servant to her mother, Shirleen, a low-...