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Powder Springs, Georgia
Jun 2008

I am a certified nurse midwife with over 30 years experience delivering health care to women and infants. I am a master gardener. I am a birder. I am a walker. I love to dance. I love words. I have three fabulous children.

I began to write poetry in my early twenties. I never considered my writings worthy of publication. In the late nineties as the millineum approached, I began writing plays. One was about a childless research geneticist obsessed with family. This geneticist had the DNA, the money and the technology to clone an adult human. She chose to clone her great grandmother, a suffragette, who died in childbirth at the turn of the century. The geneticist is pleased that she is able to restore the clone's memory via a computer chip, but disturbed as the clone remembers more than she has been programmed to remember. The geneticist realizes that "memory must be coded in mitochondrial DNA" thus explaining the clone's knowledge of memories the geneticist does not have. The clone misses her husband, a physician, terribly. The play has undergone several revisions and was even put into short story form, but it remains not ready for publication. The dialog feels contrived and artificial. I do like the concept, the clash of cultures, ideologies, and ethical ramifications. I have workshopped it off and on since 1998 in various playwriting classes here in Atlanta. Hopefully, it will be ready for publication by 2010.

I began writing short stories in 1997 while on call. I needed something to fill the hours between births.

I expect that when my baby, who is now 15, graduates from high school. I shall have a suitable portfolio.

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