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May 2009

Winner of the Faithwriters Gold Seal of Approval - Outstanding Read Award, Books and Authors Excellence in Literature and Best Non-Fiction Book 2007. All books are available through Saga Books http://www.sagabooks.net, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Debra Shiveley Welch was born in Columbus, Ohio and has lived in the Greater Columbus area all of her life. She now resides in Central Ohio with her husband, Mark, and their adopted son, Christopher, also a published author.  Debra is an Amazon Best Selling Author and the recipient of the FaithWriter’s Gold Seal of Approval and Books & Authors Award of Excellence recipient, and winner of Books & Authors Best Non Fiction Book – 2007.

A third generation poet, Debra has been writing since age nine. In her early twenties she had her own column in the Baltimore Eagle Gazette.  Later, she worked as editor for several newsletters, including as development editor for The Parent Connection for The League Against Child Abuse. 

“The defining moment in my life is the day that I became a mother, and our attorney placed my son in my arms.  I drew him to me, breathed him in, memorizing his unique scent, imprinting his essence into my very being.  It brought me full circle.  I knew that this was a very special calling in my life, to be with this soul, and to share my life with this child.  To this day, I revel in his unique perfume.”Written while waiting to pick up her son from pre-school, A Very Special Child was born.  Debra wanted to tell the story in a spiritual way, and in such a manner that would make a child proud to be adopted. She also felt that it was important to reinforce the fact that he or she was loved from the very beginning. These feelings, therefore, were her muse, and A Very Special Child sprang from her heart, virtually complete with the first writing.Debra is the author of three books: "Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher," released during November, National Adoption Month, in 2007 and a Best Seller on Amazon within the first week of its release, "A Very Special Child," a Best Seller in English at Amazon Japan and Amazon America, and "Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams," Debra’s first novel, co-authored with Linda Lee Greene, an Amazon Best Seller as well.  "Christopher Bullfrog Catcher," written by her son at eleven-years-of-age, and scribed by Debra, who wrote its introduction, was followed in November 2008 by his second book "Just Chris," an autobiography documenting his memories of growing up with a deformity, his fight to overcome several learning differences, his delight in being adopted, and his incredible love for the lake on which he was raised.  All are available through Saga Books http://www.sagabooks.net/ and at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/.Currently Debra is working on “Christopher’s Family Table - Inheriting Family Recipes & Traditions From Adopted Kin & Clan,” a companion cook book to “Son of My Soul - The Adoption of Christopher,” which she is co-authoring with her son, “Cedar Woman,” a romance recounting the adventurous life of a Lakota Sioux holy woman, and a thriller, “Heads Are Gonna Roll,” an ambitious tale weaving English history, reincarnation and murder. Debra is a member of Amazon Authors Den http://www.authorsden.com/debrashiveleywelch the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame http://www.enjoyyourmenopause.com/web_of_fame.htm, and can be reached at http://www.DebraShiveleyWelch.net/.


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Stephen King
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Upcoming Works

Cedar Woman, Heads Are Gonna Roll and Christopher's Family Table.

"Cedar Woman" is about a woman of the Lakota Sioux who opens the first Five Star Native American restaurant in Central Ohio.

"Heads Are Gonna Roll" combines reincarnation, murder and revenge.

"Christopher's Family Table" is a cook book of favorite family recipes.

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Cooking, history, old movies, reading