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Collegeville (Philly burbs)
Happily married for over 25 years.
Oct 2008

I am a professional singer, songwriter and, as yet, unpublished writer. In the tone of Erma Bombeck and Chelsea Handler, my book, "Little Pearls" is the story of Jenny Shortcake, a 40-something ex-rocker, doctor's wife and mother of two who loves spouting off about sex, religion, and politics while searching for the perfect red wine. Raised as a nice Jewish girl on Long Island surrounded by crazy Catholics and Mafia hit men, Jenny explores the deeper meanings behind cheerleading tryouts, waitressing, and having braces applied after the tender age of 40.

My work in the field of marketing includes writing in the form of newsletters, brochures, proposals, advertisements, etc. My songwriting includes hundreds of pages of lyrics. I simply love to write. 


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Music, writing, politics, not necessarily in that order.