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Southeastern Michigan
Jun 2008

Debra Darvick’s loves:

•Speaking French.

•The impervious rusty color of Georgia red clay; the white lace of dogwood blossoms against a blue spring sky; drifts of pink azalea; all of which surrounded her in her youth.

•Having attended Kenyon College where she majored in French and Spanish, designed costumes for the Drama Club and had the exquisite pleasure of meeting Paul Newman and drinking a beer with him.

•The inimitable whir and energy of New York City where she lived post college.

•Despite its economic woes, miserable winters and the dearth of a really good bialy, she loves the rootedness of the midwest and her Detroit metro area, home since 1984.

•Her son and daughter -- young adults both -- whose unfolding lives are an ongoing joy.

•Her husband of 30 years.

•Jewish life and ritual.


•A really hot game of Scrabble.

•Digging in her garden. Or anyone else’s.

•And last but certainly not least -- Words in any shape or form. Her own (when the writing day is going well) and others’ (Ann Patchett, Geraldine Brooks, Walter Mosley come to mind.)


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