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Norwegian Ambassador Worried (climate change)

From an article in the Charlotte Observer, which i believe is of great importance.

I am a fervant environmentalist.  And i believe global warming is a real threat.  Here and there we often see articles written by persons who state they 'do not believe in global warming'.  As though warming is a faith, or religion, or God.   Global warming is not a belief, it is, simply , a fact of science.

This reminds me of persons who do not believe in 'Darwins theory'.  The word theory,in this instance, means facts.  Why in the world this book was published as a theory is beyond me.  Maybe someone out there can enlighten me on that.   The theory is not something one can believe in, or not.  No one questions what happens when we flip a light switch. Electricity, which no one can see, flows to the wires, and the light goes on.  Something which is not seen, but believed in none the less.

The Norwegian ambassador to the U.S. showed up in charlotte,NC , February 17, 2010.  Wegger Christian Strommen had one thing on his mind.  Global warming, and a warning for us all.  He is worried.  And with good reason.

Norway is an Arctic nation.  It is located in the northern most region on Earth.  Most of it's residents live on it's  very long coastline.  According to Bruce Hendersons article which appeared at http://www.charlotteobserver.com/breaking/story/1254539.html  ,Norwegians are scared.  The Ambassador stated, "I can jump out of my kitchen window into the ocean."

In 2009 the average temp in northern Norway was 5.2 degrees above the 1961-1990 average.  The Norwegian government warns that skiing sites could disappear in some areas.

Walt Meier, research scientist at Colorado University National Snow and Ice Date Center appeared with the ambassador.  The scientist stated these facts :  sea ice is disappearing faster than the models have predicted, thinnin to half of its historic depth,  and: the disapperence of this ice releases more of the oceans heat into the atmosphere.  This influences the global ocean currents and wind patterns, altering climate in distant places from Norway, like Charlotte, NC.

Apparently the arctic does not stay in the arctic.  According to Meier, sea ice melting will not raise sea level, however, melting glaciers, receding rapidly in Greenland and elsewhere, will.

New projections are predicing a sea level rise of two to six feet by 2100.  As well as a faster sea level rise, warmer temps, more intense droughts, rainfall and storms in North Carolina.

A former Clinton admnistration official who is now ith Clean Air-Cool Planet, said, "The essential factor is the U.S. leadership. The rest of the world simply won't do this (limit green house gases this year), if we don't."