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Gonna be on tv again, this time LIVE...on breakfast tv.. with dogs, bad dogs, good dogs, wet dogs...awfully early
one of these pups is not like the others! but almost.

It is my first blog; my very first.

i just found out the t.v. crews are coming to Camp Good Dog next week; either Tuesday Aug. 5 or Wed. Aug. 6. The chum network, vancouver, breakfast tv..i think its global but it could be city...

They'll be here from 7.25 on that morning till about  ten.  There just isn't enough coffee to make me perky enough for this task- or is there?  I'll pack a thermos and make coffee at the kennel and the house.

Now which dogs do we pick for television? the bad ones of course...all the better to demonstrate training.  We've got a tall fast growing pup that jumps so badly she hits the back of your shoulder blades even though she barely reaches your knee standing up... a pogo stick, usually with muddy paws too.... and then there is the dog who hogs the ball, gums it, slobbers all over it, nearly takes your arm off pawing at you to throw again while she  keeps it in her mouth making it impossible till she drops it and barks at it, only to pick it up again herself the second you try to grab it...a rude fetcher to be sure, and  I know once i teach her my 'two ball drop trick' she'll love to fetch. love it. and the humans won't get hurt in the game anymore.... she'll be so good at it we'll be able to get her to drop (ground) or gimme (hand-off) or (lap) place it on my lap which is great for those in wheelchairs or to keep it away from other dogs at the dog park.


so that's what i'll be up to while you all are sleeping....set your televisions to tape it if you want to see dogs, seven segments worth of them playing, swimming, and learning tricks out in the woods and meadows, the forest, pond and river at camp good dog, in the rainforest of British Columbia with dogs from Vancouver owners now on holiday.  Got a pooch staying here? We'll try to get them all on camera-doing segments on special needs and the elderly as well as the naughty bits so we give every one a turn.

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A brave woman!


Goodness me, are you ever brave! I can think of nothing scarier than trying to look composed on television while knowingly having invited the naughtiest dogs in town to be a testament to my skills. You simply must drink decaf, no? Real caffeine + wild dogs + credibility on the line would have to equal a stroke. Go, girl And welcome to the Redroom!