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Is there a real protest at the Vancouver Olympics? Yes.  Bears and Salmon are the species protesters aim to protect from trophy hunting and from salmon farms. Native chiefs have designed a protest that has supporters dressing as Bears and Salmon at hockey games so look out for that.  Also we've got...
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Off to the Olympics again today!!!! I'll blog later. I was blogging away, hit a wrong key and presto the whole thing was gone... at least i think its gone..... so here is a much shorter blog about the olympics 2010.     My plan is to see family friendly pavillions, displays, art, culture,...
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Hello-o-o from Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Last Sunday I flew in from Dallas on American Airlines with a plane full of dog tagged delegates and athletes dressed in National colors.  My kids were delighted and confused by the throngs of people arrupting into applause and jutting out...
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'Small Dogs, Big Hearts' by Darlene Arden will help people 'get' little dogs and their little dog world view like never before. Check out  radio shows with Darlene as my guest   www.campgooddog.
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'Rescue' makes me think of fire-fighters pulling babies from burning buildings, and lifeguards pulling injured swimmers out of rough seas, but in an animal and pet context its very different.   A few weeks back there was a chipmunk caught with its head stuck in a bottle and the camera man first...
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Dizzy the border collie cross with Deborah during the making of the DVD 'DOG TRAINING THAT WORKS!'
Is your dog dumb? Maybe he's a genius at some things and a dolt at others.  There are many different aspects to intelligence that effects how our dogs learn and how best to train them. Cleverness, problem solving, memory, communication, independence and much more plays a huge roll. Most dogs were...
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Mama Sophie nurses eight pups
At first I thought I could not blog on this week's topic as I do not see myself as a person with one obsession.  I reflected for a moment  on the many times my thoughts race ahead of me and get away from me (by choice mostly but not always), and where they go; what makes those around me roll their...
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Standard Poodle pup shows her long tail
  If you think you love animals you won’t declaw a cat (amputation of knuckles) and you won’t crop ears and tails on puppies!  Cosmetic surgery for puppies and kittens is cruel and misguided.  Awhile back, the Veterinarians of new Brunswick, a small province in Canada, decided through their...
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I keep hearing (and seeing) celebrities talk about their Vegetarian Cats andDogs and I sure hope this isn't a new trend. On the other end of thespectrum there is a Vet out there, ( an ex-expert for a pet food industrybig name company) who is now against traditional pet foods calling for nograins...
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one of these pups is not like the others! but almost.
It is my first blog; my very first. i just found out the t.v. crews are coming to Camp Good Dog next week; either Tuesday Aug. 5 or Wed. Aug. 6. The chum network, vancouver, breakfast tv..i think its global but it could be city... They'll be here from 7.25 on that morning till about  ten.  There...
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