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"Good versus evil" can be (and is) the formula for much well-regarded fiction. It is also the perfect formula for shallow storytelling, predictable rpg adventures, and two-dimensional entertainment. I've thought this for quite a long time, ever since I read one-too-many bad books and poorly...
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Writers in today’s new media marketplace are sallying forth and self-publishing a lot of their material. Some are asking what pricing is best and what level of sales is needed in order to make a living at writing. This is an exercise every writer goes through at some point, if that writer is...
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“Halloween” in Qua-lun: The Day of Return In my novel Dragonsword, an Asian-inspired heroic samurai adventure, there is a holiday called The Day of Return. This day marks the fall equinox and the turning of the seasons. At this time the veil between worlds is thin, and ghosts and other disincarnate...
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At the end of September 2009, renowned climatologist Stefan Rahmstorf spoke to an international climate change conference in Oxford, England. Rahmstorf is a respected authority specializing in analysis of ice melt and sea level changes. He and other climate scientists made this startling...
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While we are thinking our present economic travails, and how we got there, mark a low point even for us, I came across this relevant quote in the preface of an obscure work at Google Books: "Not many years ago such an event as the legislative theft of a great franchise was regarded with public...
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