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Married to the love of my love for over 30 years
Sep 2010

Revealing a little bit about me is like focusing a giant sunflower stem into a rose fitted vase, it just doesn’t work without enhancement. A mother of four and grandmother of eight, dancing through my middle age childhood because I refuse to grow up pass a child-like heart. I write because I am an accomplished artist that finds enthusiastic pleasure using words as my medium and paper my canvas. My high focus has been writing Christian Children stories were I can reach the hearts of children as this is my passion. I enjoy history in a Tom Sawyer type of way, so I am adventuring out in that direction as well. My luminescent personality allows me to be an articulate story teller and I am determined one day to sign my own published book. I have a woman’s devotional in progress based on overcoming the tragedies of life where a huge transition can take place inside a carnal body lined with a faith and cocooned by hope, a book of encouragement. Still uncertain of what life has to offer as I approach sixty, I am more enthusiastic about what can I leave behind after am gone to made a difference. This is me, full bloomed  with rose  petals of soft colored hues, adorned by sweet fragrance and hand grown in God’s garden. Reminded daily, that beauty comes from within and all roses have their thorns.  

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Oil painting, Crafts, Writing, Sewing, Swimming, Creating, Blogs, My Faith, Reading, My family, Making a difference, Stort Stories, Wildlife