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Review of The Constellation of Omens
The Constellation of Omens

Deborah's book is very insightful. Well written, and it speaks of many truths. It is of faith, and of hope. It is about faith and hope that we can alter the course of fate for mankind, and this is truly what this book inspires us to do. Believe. While it speaks of truth, it is also an eye opener to make us aware of our spirit that is within us all. It is our awakening. This book speaks of the light within each of us, whether we are aware of it or not.  This book is spoken with the wisdom of a true earth Angel. It is for all of us, not just the ones whom believe, but more importantly for the one's who choose not too. Now is the time to stop being nonbelievers, now is the time to not falter, it is within each of us to stand up and believe, and this book will allow you to do just that. We must prevail, if we believe, and believe we must. It is time and it is the only way. All it takes is a little courage to pick up this book and take heed. It takes just as much effort to not believe, as it takes so little effort to believe. As you read this book, from front to back, I know you will read it again, and again, as I have.

      - Lisa Champagne, Independent Reader