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Rabbit in the Moon: Is this the Year the Chinese Government Acknowledges the Tiananmen Massacre?
The Chinese government now calls the events of  June 4th. the June 4th incident

According to a BBC article, a group of mothers whose children were killed in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 are now urging the Chinese government to end the taboo against acknowledging the event not as a “political disturbance” but a massacre. They want a full investigation of Deng Xiaoping’s decision to send tanks and troops to crush what was a peaceful demonstration of students and ordinary citizens. That decision led to the deaths of the hundreds- if not thousands- of demonstrators believed to have been killed that day. The mothers’ appeal was made in an open letter to the leaders just days ahead of the annual session of the National People’s Congress. Although the group has sent a version of the letter every year for two decades, their timing this year is especially fortuitous because 2009 marks the twentieth anniversary of the massacre as well as several other potentially volatile anniversaries and there has already been indications that the government is stepping up its suppression of any new demonstrations and protests that might challenge One Party rule. The mothers of the Tiananmen dead are asking the government to name the victims, compensate the families and punish those responsible. "This will require each deputy to demonstrate extraordinary courage and resourcefulness, political courage and wisdom, to break the taboo and face head-on the unspeakable tragedy that took place 20 years ago and resolve 'June Fourth' with the truth," said the letter, referring to delegates to the annual legislature. "China has become like an airtight iron chamber and all the demands of the people about June 4, all the anguish, lament and moaning of the victims' relatives and the wounded have been sealed off," it said. Young people born before 1989 know nothing about the short-lived Student Democracy Movement that so captivated the world on CNN for seven weeks in 1989.