where the writers are


Toni Morrison – “I have an ongoing interest in outlaw women. They can be wild or they can be ordinary women who learn something fresh.”

Brenda Ueland – “I have a kind of mystical notion. I think it is only by expressing all that is inside that purer and purer streams come. It is so in writing…Pour out the dull things on paper too – you can tear them up afterward – for only then do the bright ones come. If you hold back the dull things, you are certain to hold back what is clear and beautiful and true and lively…”

Martha Beck – “Birthdays and death days. Both remind us how little power we have. Both present us with infinite opportunities to either love or fear. To the extent that we choose love, the puniness of our material power is replaced by a power that comes not from us but through us.”

Alice Walker – “expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise…”

Natalie Goldberg – "We just have to step forward with our hearts and act. That’s also the best place to come from as a writer.”