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Baby Girl
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When she woke up the sun was just peeking into the window above her crib. She laid there sucking her thumb and looking through the bars at the animals on the wall. She really liked the elephant with the hat on. Her mama called the elephant Dumbo and taught her to make elephant and monkey noises. She thought that was very funny. She stood up and rattled the side of her crib calling “mama!” Her daddy came and got her out of bed.  He changed her diaper, telling her what a nice girl she was. He put her in the high chair and gave her a piece of toast and peanut butter and a cup of milk, and then he went to the bathroom to get ready for work. She could hear the running water as he washed and shaved. She liked to watch daddy shave. Sometimes he put some shaving cream on her chin and let her look in the mirror. The foamy cream felt so good and tickly. He came back to check on her before he got into his work clothes. She gave him a big toothy smile and said “daddy!”

Daddy went into the bedroom and she could hear him trying to wake up her mama. “She is in her high chair, eating breakfast. I have to go to work, so you need to get out of bed.” He came into the kitchen and gave her a kiss on top of her head. As he walked to the door he yelled toward the back of the trailer “I’m leaving!” She heard mama mumble something that sounded like “sokay”. Daddy waved to her and said “bye-bye” then went out, locking the door behind him. She waved and said “bye-bye, bye-bye daddy.”

After she finished the toast and milk, she started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. She made the rain come down and wash the spider out. She sang it a few times and then called “mama!” She sang some more and then hung over the side of the chair to look at the pieces of toast that she had thrown down there. There was a bug crawling around in the crumbs. She didn’t like bugs and she was afraid it would crawl up the leg of her high chair. She started crying and called for mama. The bug picked up a crumb and walked away from her chair. She stopped looking at it and looked toward her mama’s bedroom instead.

Her dolly was lying on the couch and she really wanted to go play with it. She liked to sit and hug her doll while she sucked her thumb. She had gotten the doll from Santa Claus on Christmas. It wore a pink dress and diaper, and had a little baby bottle that fit into its mouth. It was made of soft rubber and had blue eyes just like she did. She squirmed around in her chair and said “dolly!”

 She heard a car pull up outside the trailer. In a few minutes there was a knock on the door. She thought mama would come and see who it was. Mama always opened the door when someone knocked. “Mama, mama!” she called. She heard someone talking outside and then she saw the doorknob turn. Someone was trying to open the door. After some more knocking the car started up and drove away.

For a while she watched the shadows moving in a patch of sun on the kitchen floor. There was a tree outside the kitchen window, and its leaves were blowing in the wind making the shadows. It looked like they were dancing. She wanted to get down there and touch them. She tried scooting down under the tray, but she was belted in and could not get out. She banged on the tray and hollered “Mama, mama!”

The telephone on the wall rang. She knew that mama would come out and answer the phone. She hoped it was her grandma calling. She liked to talk on the phone to grandma. She really liked to go to grandma’s house and play. Grandma always had cookies for her and let her play with the pans in her cupboard. The phone rang for a long time, and then it stopped.

She watched the shadows some more, but the leaves were gone. She was hungry again and wanted a snack. She always had a snack in the morning. She was getting sleepy looking at the shadows moving. Her bottom was getting tired from sitting in the chair for so long, and her diaper was wet and poopy.  She started to cry, calling “mama!” She cried louder and louder until finally she fell asleep with her head on the tray of the high chair. Peanut butter and bread crumbs got into her hair. She woke up when she heard the door open. It was daddy coming home for lunch.

 “Daddy!” she cried.