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Dear Elizabeth Berg

Dear Ms. Berg,

Every couple of months I Google your name in search of information regarding any new work you might be publishing. If I happen to find that you have a new book coming out in a few months, I mark my calendar and anxiously wait. It's almost more exciting than the impending birth of another grandchild. Those grandkids are coming fast and furious now, and I can pretty much predict what they are going to do when they arrive (eat, sleep, poop). Your books, however, take me to places I have probably never been and introduce me to characters whom I grow to love. Not that I don't love the grandchildren with all my heart and soul of course!

The first of your books that I read was "Open House." I was reading all of the Oprah Book Club picks, as I found all of them to be wonderful. "Open House" was no exception. I was recently divorced and could very much relate to Samantha and her struggles to find her way in the world without the identity of "wife". I was so taken with your characters and writing style that I immediately began to search out your other books. I have loved every one of them in different ways. When I am approaching the end of a book, I begin to read a little more slowly, as I am reluctant to part with the characters I have become acquainted with.

"Escaping into the Open: the Art of Writing True" has been extremely helpful to me in developing my own writing. I have yet to publish anything, but hope to in the near future. I have a head full of characters and story ideas that nag me regularly, searching for a way out of the swirling confusion of my psyche.

Thank you for your wonderful stories. Keep them coming!


Deborah Kellogg-Lewis