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Deborah Jiang Stein's Biography

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Dec 2011

Deborah Jiang Stein's memoir, Even Tough Girls Wear Tutus: Inside the World of a Woman Born in Prison / What Loss, Grief, and Uncertainty Taught Me about Joy, will be published by Cell 7 Media in February 2012.

She is a writer and public speaker who devotes her work to women, men, and children in the margins of society. She founded the nonprofit, The unPrison Project (www.theunprisonproject.org) a 501(c)3, to serve women in prisons. Deborah is at work on another memoir and a collection of short stories. www.deborahstein.com

Interests & Hobbies

Roller skating, reading, writing, classic cars, boxing, good food, tea, travel, friends and family, theater, music, museums, bass guitar (I want to learn to play!)