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When the story comes together in the head....

So, I've known for awhile what the character story was going to be in Kinkaid 8 - it's why I planned to call it Comfortably Numb. Not going to give away the major storyline, but it deals with a seed planted in London Calling: after Cilla's death in the first book, John funds an addicton recovery clinic in London in her name, The Priscilla Kinkaid Clinic. And a major recurring character ends up in there.

What I didn't have was the crime aspect. After all, these are mystery novels, right?

I do now. Popped into my head, out of nowhere: JP has a stalker. Not a besotted teenybopper, either: A genuine whackaloon. A guy. Dangerous and very smart.

Which is all well and good, since the book is still a book away and there's probably a sequel to Dark in the Park in between (my tough little inner-city raccoon, Mama Kin). But I have a dilemna, because now Comfortably Numb, a perfect title for the addiction aspect, is arm-wrestling with Every Breath You Take as the title, perfect for the stalker/criminal aspect. They both work. But damn it, I infinitely prefer "Comfortably Numb" as a song. Never really bonded with Sting's little stalker ditty.

Meh. Back to work. Local rocker Elaine Wilde and her band WildeChild shall make an entrance, in a chapter or two. And things are going to get nasty, fast. John Kinkaid does not take kindly to Bergen to begin with - bad history, there..

Ahhhhh. Kinkaid 8, I can hardly wait...