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And Then Put Out The Light Drollerie cover

Sitting here sweltering in my friend Laura Anne Gilman's Riverdale coop, catsitting for two weeks as she researches her new fantasy series in France. Perfect tradeoff, since I have a big booksigning and reading for Rock and Roll Never Forgets this coming Wednesday night at Partners and Crime, 44 Greenwich Avenue, New York, New York. The splendid actor and writer Michael Boatman will be coming to read the part of JP Kinkaid to my Bree Godwin. Should be a serious blast. Seven pm. Come on out, New Yorkers and New Jerseyites!

Also want to share this, because I love it and am very pleased with it: what Cat Eldridge (editor in chief of Green Man Review) calls a continuity piece, and what I call a smudge or blur piece, because it's reality - in this case, a giddy three hours spent hanging out with Peter S. Beagle - with a fantastic but relevant surround.

Here you go. Read. Enjoy. An Unkindness of Authors.

And if someone can figure out how to make the humid go away, I will send you baked goods when I'm back home on the Left Coast next week; my multiple sclerosis thinks this seriously sucks.

Oh, one more cool thing. Drollerie Press will be issuing the first US edition of my 1992 novel And Then Put Out The Light, and I've just been sent the cover. It took my breath away:

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Ugh, humidity

As a lifelong Californian, I think I'm stuck on this side of the Rockies for life.

I hope you'll give us a look at the new cover for And Then Put Out The Light.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Coming up shortly, one cover...

Deborah Grabien www.deborahgrabien.com author of the Haunted Ballad series, the Kinkaid Chronicles, five standalone novels, numerous short fiction and essays, and a lot of snippy opinions.

I'll link the cover momentarily. (And lord, yes, I abominate the "being wrapped in wet cotton wool" aspect of east coast weather; I lived there a good long time and detested it. It's also supposed to be the worst possible climate if, like me, you suffer from multiple sclerosis. "Suffer" being the operative word...