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Why I Never Slept with Bonnie

The problem is, her breasts are better than mine!
the problem is, I’m much too old for her.
the problem is
I don’t believe she means it.

The problem is, what would I say at breakfast?
The problem is, what if I couldn’t come?
The problem is
I’m clumsy and embarrassed.

The problem is, what happens to the friendship?
The problem is, what would her boyfriend think?
The problem is, I’d fall right off my label.
The problem is
I’m sick of making choices.

The problem is how to have sex that isn’t a power relation,
the problem is
women are the last safe place on earth
and if I lose that...

So in the end, she let me make excuses
though she had pretty hands
and lips like cheese
and a birthday-party giggle
So in the end, she married and moved and I lost her address
And in the end I loved her
             and I miss what I remember
                       and I wonder what I missed