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In our minds, everything is possible. We can paint like Pablo Picasso. We can write like Ray Bradbury, and we can sing like Barbra Streisand. That’s where everything can happen; where no limits exist. I see singers who are convinced they sing well and who think they are ready to go on scene. They come looking for the “quick recipe” that will guarantee a better vocal technique, a better musical performance. They want to run and contact producers and record a record. They think they are ready.

When they begin their vocal lessons, they begin to realize the areas they need to improve upon. They begin to put their feet on the ground. That’s where reality comes in; where they become conscious of all the work that will be required on their part so they can become better artists.
Some singers decide to put in the effort and invest all the necessary time. Others, meanwhile, give up and leave. Then there are always those who just criticize others who actually take on the challenge to become better artists. They say “look how bad he sings. I could do it better. Look how bad she moves. I dance much better.” At the end of the day, they are living an illusion.

A true artist is not the one who points fingers and thinks he can do it better. The artist is that one who performs. The singer can perform because he practices, tries to find his style, makes mistakes, tries again, records a demos and eventually performs on stage. Just saying I can do it is not enough. You can imagine you are Barbara Streisand, but reality will tell you otherwise. A singer cannot just imagine he is a singer; he has to put in all the effort that will make him a successful artist.