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This final entry is something that "Lost" did so very well. 10. Make every character vulnerable, and not just the Nikkis and Paolos. Nothing kills suspense in a scene like knowing that a character is bullet-proof. If a series is built around a few core characters, we're pretty sure that...
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Welcome to a new, regular blog feature. I was asked to contribute a regular blog post to the Pikes Peak Writers blog. They allow reprints so it's okay for me to post here as well. My idea for a fortnightly post is to talk about what writing lessons I take from a variety of sources. It could...
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I grew up in rural Michigan, in a lower middle class community.   One would assume that my education was lacking, but we were lucky in the number of  incredible teachers who settled in our area.  My seventh grade English teacher, Miss Morpaw, was one of those inspiring educators.  One morning,...
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