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Reviews of Debbie’s Work

Vita's Will
Published by San Francisco Chronicle
“Besides a skillfully written, compelling narrative, what elevates VITA’S WILL above the ego-tripping triteness often found in self-published memoirs is Gisonni’s remarkable...
Published by The Peninsula Independent
“It's a self-help book that reads like a piece of fiction. All that is purely intentional.”
Vita's Will
Published by ForeWord Magazine
“Print on Demand has received so much muddy press lately, the radical approach to this subject is the rake the muck until something shiny oozes up. That something shiny is Debbie...
Published by --Ame Mahler Beanland and Emily Miles Terry, Authors of the New York Times bestseller Nesting
"Domestic Goddesses (and every other kind), take note of this cheerful little book that's chock-full of inspiration and feel-good attitude."
The Goddess of Happiness
Published by Midwest Book Review
A compilation of stories, insights, and humor "If you only have time (and the energy) for one self-help, self-improvement book for personal growth, then make it Debbie...
The Goddess of Happiness
Published by Publisher's Weekly
".... a perfect gift for girlfriends on the go."