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perfect fit for teens....intriguing extras...about some of the theoretical technology used in the book
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This collects the first eight issues of an ongoing comics series that follows Justin Braddock as he learns deep secrets about his past self. In a distant past, Justin lived as a traitor to the great civilization of Atlantis, which continues as a secret city under the sea floor. When he reencounters Kaila, an ally from his past who is still involved with Atlantis, he is drawn into her life and the ongoing political intrigue in a sunken metropolis. This is a perfect fit for teens who are new to comics. The adventure is smooth, and Bishop's use of quick dossier-style character overviews will remind teens of the way video games present their backstories. The crisply colored art is competent, and even sometimes inspired, and there are a few intriguing extras that feature information about some of the theoretical technology used in the book. Tina Coleman, Booklist
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