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5 out of 5 stars! Unquestionably a book that you'll want to read
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Tim Janson

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Tim Janson - (Amazon.com TOP 50 REVIEWER)
Part Sci-fi, part fantasy, with elements of covert intrigue and superhero action, Black Tide is one of the more multifaceted stories I've read in quite a long time. Trying to summarize the story in a short review would not really do the multi-layered plotline justice, but let me give you a bit of a synopsis.

Nearly 13,000 years ago the legendary lost city of Atlantis was destroyed and sunk beneath the ocean, yet its people endured. Using far advanced technology the people regenerated themselves, building a new home, far below the surface, cloaked from modern man. It is in this modern world we meet Justin Braddock, leader of a special ops team known as "The Deceivers." All his life he has been haunted by strange nightmares and he's finally about to find out why. While on a mission he encounters Kaila, an Atlantean and helps her rescue an Atlantean Prince named Theros. They return to Atlantis where Justin comes face-to-face with the revelation that he had once been Atlantis' greatest enemy, Villonious, responsible for much bloodshed and death. Villonious had been placed in stasis and was regenerated as a human who should not have had these memories of his previous life. Queen Celestia decrees that Justin be put to death for his past crimes but Theros intercedes on his behalf since he is the rightful ruler. He frees Justin, and to Celestia's consternation, Justin, Theros, and Kaila leave Atlantis for the surface world.

We then find out that Kaila herself is also a member of the Deceivers as well and Justin never knew it. They were once lovers in Atlantis but Justin now does not hold those same feelings as he did as Villonious. Celestia will not give up her son or Justin so easily and allies herself with the Catharta, the witch who stole Theros' powers. While all this is going on, Justin and Kaila are determined to find out who killed Justin's partner and friend, and also track down terrorists who intend to use a biological bomb at an international summit meeting. Theros is forced to return to Atlantis to deal with great trouble at home. The Atlanteans are not happy that Theros freed the slaves before he left and there is rebellion on the rise against him.

Whew! And trust me I'm being brief. Writer Debbie Bishop has woven a story that is extremely intricate and layered with plots, and sub-plots and even a few sub sub-plots, I think. It's certainly not a story you can breeze through and I found myself re-reading sections just to make sure I had everything straight. One thing Bishop does is devote a full page here and there to a character, giving their background, powers, etc, which really helps you get a handle on who is who in the story. Kind of like a graphic novel scorecard. The art by Mike S. Miller is first-rate and very smooth. If you like in-depth, elaborate storylines, then this is unquestionably a book you'll want to read. It's rare that you get a comic series this complex today.