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Rakcham, Himachal Pradesh
I am married to Kakoli who lives with me in this remote Himalayan village.
Sep 2012

Born in Calcutta, Debashis worked for media and television in Mumbai for twenty years. After chasing the rat race through senior corporate positions, he realized he couldn’t take another day. Debashis sold his apartment and car, gave away his possessions, and moved to the Himalayas to live in a remote village populated by tribal nomads.

He has been writing poetry and short stories since his college days and also contribute to The American Chronicle. His first novel, Murmur of the Lonely Brook, (to be released soon) reflects his immersion in an ancient culture that continues to follow age-old rituals, customs, and traditions. A major portion of the proceeds from this book will be used to build a health facility for the downtrodden women of the region. 

MyBlog: http://debashisdey.com


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Writing, reading, painting, photography, traveling.