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On Inspiration...

I've been thinking about inspiration lately and what a powerful, wonderful thing it is. Now, I'm not the kind of writer who waits to be inspired. I write every day. (OK, *most* days. I take a day off here and there.) But there are times when the words flow, and others when every syllable is a struggle. I know the good times come when I'm inspired. They come when I'm writing passages about something I love -- like belly dancing, for example -- or characters I've grown to love. They come when I feel immersed in the story -- when I can feel the setting around me, like the smell of the air, the color of the sky, or the tension between characters in the scene. I can tell I'm inspired in a story when I slow down and notice the details. I want to linger in the fictional space and savor it. Those are the passages that often end up being my best. Athletes might call it those moments when you're "in the zone."

So, like I said, I've been thinking about inspiration in general and what inspires me in particular. While I was looking around for some words of wisdom on the topic, I found this Scottish Book Trust video that author Keith Gray did on where he gets his ideas and inspiration. I thought you might enjoy it, too.


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Hi, Deanna!

I love that picture!

Can't wait to read your book.

And, P.S., your post inspired me!

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Hi, June!

Hey, nice to see a friendly name here. That picture was taken by mistake, but I liked it, too, so I kept it. I was actually trying to take one with my dog, but he wouldn't sit still. Cats are so much better that way :-)

I hope your new book is selling like mad! (And that you'll sign my copy one of these days...)