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Jul 2008


Mostly post at http://deanjbaker.wordpress.com -

Member of Socan, have performed my songs and poems in Toronto and California, with tapes available; recipient of 2 unsolicited Ontario Arts Council awards; originated ‘Poet’s Corner’ on Q107FM where I did live readings of my poems and prose poems; letters between myself and Irving Layton on file at Concordia University for study by Honors’ Graduate students.

Over 500 poems and prose poems published since 1972 in over 130 literary publications in Canada, the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, etc., such as Descant, Carleton Literary Review, Poetry WLU, The Prairie Journal, Freelance, Nexus, Bitterroot, Oxalis, Bogg, Aileron, RE:AL, Art Times, Pegasus, Impetus, On The Bus, and many others. More have been published in newspapers, magazines, online and in anthologies, recorded and paper.
You can look me up on Yahoo.com, Yahoo.ca, Google

“Dean is a combination of thought and torment that has made him write more than a baker’s dozen of fine poems.. he might produce a collection that could astound us all.” - Irving Layton, who taught Leonard Cohen, and was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for literature, in The Toronto Star ©Dean J. Baker

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