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Reviews of David Scott’s Work

Published by Jewish Journal
August 31, 2010 Secrets of the murderous human heart BY GINA NAHAI David Scott Milton, 50-some years old, Jewish, is alone in a locked room with a young Nazi. They’re in the...
Published by Off Off On Line: what's on on off-off broadway
"From the moment one enters the Cabaret Theater at Theater for the New City, one is transported out of the current place and time and into the mind of a somewhat deranged man....
Published by Lively Arts An Internet Cultural Magazine January/February 2010
"DUET FOR SOLO VOICE by David Scott Milton gives us a splash of Absurdist Theatre from 1970 in which a schizophrenic night manager of a hotel deals with imaginary dangers while...
Published by The New York Times
"As the dark comedy 'Duet for Solo Voice' begins, Leonard Pelican, its only character, recounts his personal chronology: published a novel at 24, married a chorus girl at 26,...