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Paul Dogolov, divorced Vietnam War hero and novelist, teaches a writing class in a maximum security prison. Convinced that   one of his students, serving a life sentence for brutal murder, is innocent, he sets out to find the real killer. The search leads him to a remote, dust-blasted California desert town and a scorpion's nest of bizarre and vicious characters. The result is a...
"Three men who grew up together in a tough Pittsburgh neighborhood—a football hero destroyed by drugs and spurious promise, a rabbi who doubts his abilities and calling, a bitter policeman eaten up by fear and envy—are linked again by a seemingly senseless killing. The ancient Jewish mystical tract known as the Kabbalah plays an important—and completely unforced—part in Milton...
A man out to beat Las Vegas at its own game-- putting his money, his woman, his life on the line-- "The drive to win at blackjack is the lifeblood that keeps this novel alive and kicking until the last apocalyptic hand." "It was my misfortune to have missed The Quarterback, and thus be unaware of this fine, unflinching writer. He does not prettify, embroider,...
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The toughest, rawest novel ever written about pro football. He wouldn't play by the rules-- on the field or off... Robert Lipsyte’s New York Times’ year-end book recommendations: “From that rarest shelf, interesting sports fiction, The Quarterback.”
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On a steamy summer day in 1920, as the blood-red sun sets over New York's Hudson River, the leaders of two rival gangs from the Irish and Jewish ghettos slug it out on the Fulton Street docks. That day, Tony McGrath and Mike Roth fight to a bloody draw-- the first of many battles that will propel them from the streets to the world heavyweight championship ring and beyond, into the...