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Married to my wonderful wife Shirley.
Dec 2009

I always was an avid reader. I was drawn to all kinds of styles, Shakespear, Poe, King, Hurtz, Pendleton. I started wrting in high school as part of an English class assignement. We were suppose to just write a snyomsis, but I got carried away and wrote a story. That is when I realized I loved writing and a story would just take an life of its own. I used to loose 8 hours easily when writing, its like leaving for visit to another world. I have several stories brewing and editing one finished story. Who knows some day I just might be in print entertaining some avid reader or inspiring some avid writer?



Stephen King, Katherine Kurtz, Edger Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Homer, Chaucer.


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Football, Reading, Writing, Anime, Music