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Today, the world learned that Gay Girl in Damascus does not exist.  Over these last months, there was a girl I'd never heard of living a world away. She lived in a war zone even before the Arab Spring burst forth in hope and gunfire. Her name was (I'm, referring to her in the past tense because...
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In October 2011, my debut novel, "The Luminist," will be published in the US and elsewhere. This week, my publisher (Hawthorne, http://www.hawthornebooks.com/) released the image that will grace the cover. When I saw it, I could not help but hear the closing of a circle that began in the...
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Get lucky. Stay lucky. Most writers, not to mention those who read them, follow them, wish them on to success, count those two among the most important of elements to the writing life. Get lucky. Write something that lays a beating heart on the page. That captures the right agent’s attention. That...
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