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Feb 2012

I am a doctor, board-certified in Internal Medicine, who has been a medical journal editor, and therefore a writer of sorts. That is, if one does not consider the term medical literature to be an oxymoron. My latest venture is Global Advances in Health and Medicine, focusing on case reports (undervalued), systems approaches to medicine, and the global convergence of health care practices. I read many authors who write eloquently about medical topics (Atul Gawande, Ayelet Waldman come to mind), seeming to seamlessly blending compelling writing skills with science. I want to do more of that with my writing and often feel trapped by the "facts" and pressures of a business approach where one often writes for investors. I also consult internationally on issues such as healthcare policy, research, regulatory issues, and models of clinical care. I have also received training in a variety of healthcare disciplines other than internal medicine.

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