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Favorite Books

Although the old adage of the favorite book being the one you're reading applies equally to me, some of my favorite books in recent years have been Haruki Murakami's THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLE and KAFKA ON THE SHORE, Flann O'Brien's THE THIRD POLICEMAN, Jonathan Lethem's MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, Duff Brenna's THE BOOK OF MAMIE, Brian Evenson's CONTAGION & OTHER STORIES. Recent titles I've read and enjoyed are AMNESIASCOPE and ZEROVILLE by Steve Erickson, IN THE COMPANY OF ANGELS by Thomas E. Kennedy, THE HOLY BOOK OF THE BEARD by Duff Brenna, MATTERHORN by Karl Marlantes and FUGUE STATE by Brian Evenson. The list could go on and on.

What I'm Reading

Reading manuscript submissions right now, but plan to read RUBICON BEACH by Steve Erickson, FALLING SIDEWAYS by Thomas E. Kennedy and Haruki Murakami's new book, 1Q84. 

Favorite Authors

Haruki Murakami, Steve Erickson, Ray Bradbury, Cormac McCarthy, Tim O'Brien, Duff Brenna, Thomas E. Kennedy, Misha Nogha, Brian Evenson, Lance Olsen, Theodore Roethke, William Stafford, Richard Hugo, George Venn, Philip K. Dick


My influences range from Northwest poets of place to sf writers like Philip K. Dick, from quantum physics to consciousness research, from Joseph Campbell to C.G. Jung, from literary fiction to mythic fabulism. The natural result of these various influences is a kind of cross-genre literary fabulism which will be more evident in my latest novel.