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La Grande, Oregon
Married to Susan Hoyt Memmott
Apr 2009

David Memmott has published six books of poetry, a novel and a story collection. His newest book of poems is Lost Transmissions (Serving House Books, 2012). He recently completed his second novel, Canned Tuna and has begun the long journey towards finding a publisher. Recent work has been published in Elohi Gadugi Journal, Strange Horizons, High Desert Journal, Windfall and in the anthologies, Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon, Salt: An Oregon Coastal Poetry Anthology, Writers on the Job: Tales of the Non-Writing Life and The Alchemy of Stars: An Anthology of Rhysling Award Winners. An essay on censorship appeared in Serving House Journal. He has an interview as well as a review of his postcyberpunk novel, Primetime, in the on-line arts magazine, Perigee, #20 (May 2008)  http://www.perigee-arts.com/  Paul Di Filippo, in his review for Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, wrote that Primetime is "philosophic sf at its best." Memmott is a Fishtrap Fellow and has received three Oregon Literary Fellowships from Literary Arts, Inc. in publishing, most recently in 2006. His newest book is the poetry collection, Giving It Away. Along with Erik Muller, he organized the East/West Poet Gatherings in Madras (2004) and La Grande (2006). He is the editor and publisher of Wordcraft of Oregon http://www.wordcraftoforegon.com/ and Managing Editor of Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism http://www.wordcraftoforegon.com/pd.html He has been working on his own digital art for the last few years and samples of his art can be found at: www.wordcraftoforegon.com/shapeshifter/.


My influences range from Northwest poets of place to sf writers like Philip K. Dick, from quantum physics to consciousness research, from Joseph Campbell to C.G. Jung, from literary fiction to mythic fabulism. The natural result of these various influences is a kind of cross-genre literary fabulism which will be more evident in my latest novel.

Upcoming Works

I just completed a novel entitled Canned Tuna with has two interconnected stories 1) preceding the Vietnam War in 1962 set in Astoria, Oregon, and 2) revolving around a group of Vietnam veterans in 1968 in Boise, Idaho. I am now working on a novel called The Furnace Room with a 15-year-old male as lead character. The story is set in Boise, Idaho, in fall of 1964--the year of the British Invasion. 

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Writing, reading, photography, digital art (Photoshop), music (jazz and alternative -- particularly Coffeehouse Rock), book design and publishing (In-Design), small press, fabulist literature and science fiction, Oregon literature.