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Jul 2009

I am from an extended career in Manufacturing and Technology, crossing now into the world of literary imagination. My love of writing since childhood coupled with a tenacious curiosity, birthed the story “Between Life and Death”.

My first writing experiences began in Jr. High School, a few years before the advent of personal computers. My Grandparents purchased an old IBM Selectric for me to learn on, but I hated the droll practice lessons, and so began creating my own "short stories" as an alternative. I read continuously, mostly at night. Lots of sleepless nights, lots of novels and movies. I always seemed to be drawn to the ones that would send you into a panic. The Amityville Horror, Salem's Lot, The Exorcist, Carrie, etc., to name a few. I always needed a nightlight and woke up at the slightest noise. The old house we lived in provided plenty of snaps and creaks all night long. The old house was originally a broom factory converted and remodeled into a dwelling. I remember at six years old, helping clear the property and finding half a tombstone in the far back corner of the lot. I could really share stories about the crazy stuff I witnessed, but that's for another time (or novel).

I never considered writing anything beyond my "shorts" until the day I stepped in to my first English Literature class. The teacher was this tiny lady with a commanding projecting voice. The class was required to read, read, read, which was right up my alley, along with the book reports. If only my Algebra class could have been so exhilarating. She was one of the few teachers that stretched my abilities and made them grow. The the dreaded day came that we were all assigned to write a fiction "short story" as an end of year grade. I wrote my first short story, a horror story, "The Devils Mill", the night before it was due. I still have it. The "A" I received was such a shock, I was grinning like a fool inside. But no good deed goes unpunished. I still remember the feeling when I was asked to read it to the class and almost ran back to the seat when I was through. Through this experience, I found that I loved to create fiction.


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