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When I retired on the grounds of poor health I expected to remain indoors as reclusive as usual. My only contact with the outside world would be my computer and the links to a couple of online friends.

Once after asking me about how my day had been, I responded to my friend in America in the form of a diary, starting with how the cat had woken me early in order to be fed. I described how he'd bitten my toe after a wet nose in the ear hadn't worked. She responded that she loved it and asked me to repeat it the next day, which I obliged her with. After that she suggested I keep the diary up and consider it an exercise in writing a book. As she's an author and she said she was serious I agreed and after a while, because she's a fan of Anthony Trollope's Barchester, I decided to place the work in that area.

Also, I didn't want friends, family and near neighbours to be taking out law suits the minute they recognised themselves. As it happened most were pleased to be there, with one exception...The Cat. His price for being named in the book was to have his own blog. One of my web sites http://lorddavidspage.weebly.com now has Oscar's Blog where he gives a cat's eye view of life every Tuesday and Friday. The result of which means he now has a bigger fan club than I do,

Since then I have created a new site for my books http://barsetshirediaries.wordpress.com/ which contains NO CATS and carries interviews I have conducted with other authors. Please feel free to visit and comment.

David. 12.20 am on 25th Jun 2011