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The Book is in the Title - or Vice Versa
Marmalade the Magnificent

I got to thinking today about all the titles I've used in the past...book titles, story titles, other projects as well, and realized I come in about fifty-fifty on the scale of titles that became projects versus projects that provided their own titles.  I wrote an essay about this over at  http://vintagesoul.macabreink.com today -that being the site where I am promoting my past Nanowrimo success stories, and posting tips on successfully reaching 50k words in November.  I thought I'd share the link to the essay and the site here. 

Of my novels, those born as titles would include Deep Blue, Maelstrom, SIns of the Flash, and Vintage Soul - and I have used titles to jump-start the creative juices for short stories many times over - starting with The Fall of the House of Escher - which I wrote long ago.


Below are the most recent posts from Vintage Soul, the site I've dedicated to Nanowrimo and the books I've written during that magical November writing party:

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