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Kurt Vonnegut - A Book Review - Armageddon in Retrospect

This was one of the most remarkable books I’ve read in recent memory. The work in the collection is all new, all unpublished - though we lost the author last year. It is themed around War, in particular WWII in particular. This is a remarkable book for a great number of reasons.

Probably the most striking thing about it, in my opinion, is that the stories range in perspective from prisoners of war to those liberated after the war, to American soldiers, and then to scientists and the government. The message, despite this diversity, is two-fold, and yet surprisingly singular. It is simply that all of the trappings of war are abominations, and that the trappings of war are inherent to the human makeup and psyche and unavoidable. It’s a book filled with seeming contradictions. It’s also a book with hope, introspection, and power.

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