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Introducing Lisa Snellings - one of the finest Artists I've encountered. She's interviewed at Stainless Steel Droppings
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Many of you who have known me for a while know that I am absolutely fascinated by the art of Lisa Snellings, who creates some of the most intricate, compelling three dimensional art I’ve ever encountered. Oh…and she makes poppets too. The world is becoming slowly overrun by poppets, and if you don’t yet own one, you need to rectify that, because you’ll be left out…no one likes to be left out…

I've written a number of short stories and poems inspired by Lisa's art.  In the anthology "Strange Attractions" a number of authors, including myself, Gene Wolfe, and Neil Gaiman, to name a few, took figures from Lisa's sculpture of a haunted Ferris Wheel and wrote stories inspired by them.  I wrote a novelette titled Deep Blue, which became the novel by that same name.

More recently I've written five short stories for a larger book...Lost & Found...all inspired by Lisa's work.  The book will also include stories written by Neil Gaiman - but Lisa is the inspiration for it all.  It will be a gorgeous art book - our words garnishment to the imagery.  The five stories of mine have never been published, and are among the most surreal, and powerful I've written to date (my opinion, of course).

Anyway… You can always find Lisa’s musings, art, items for sale and news at: THE OFFICIAL LISA SNELLINGS WEBSITE

And you can read the new interview at: STAINLESS STEEL DROPPINGS

Go…read…be amazed. Her work is truly magnificent.