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E. J. Barnes E. J. Barnes “You have done nothing more than run afoul of one of the conventions of the form in which you choose to tell your stories. Yet “‘Cuda” would not nearly be so affecting as a short story, let alone a film.” 

Thanks for your remarks. You’re right: it is all about convention, and one peculiar to poetry. But it’s one I wrestle with quite a bit, hence the topic on my blog, which gets a feed here on facebook. There are a number of challenges with fictionalizing (doubt that’s a word, but if not, I guess it is now…) poetry, including the natural resistance of convention. I think I was successful with ‘Cuda , for a number of reasons (none of which I considered at the time I was writing it, I just wrote…). But maybe the convention is worth examining. I think it’s o.k. to defy it (naturally biased though I may be), but not always, and sometimes I think the urge to write a good poem and lie to do it may result in thorny complications down the road…