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Is this a good idea for a new book

I'm seriously thinking of writing another self-care book , this one focusing on weight. It 's tentatively called "From Weight to Wellness," and the basic idea is not to worry about weight but focus on living the healthiest, most positive life you can.  It's very much my first book, "The Art of Getting Well" applied to weight issues.

 I've long noticed that most successful authors write the same book over and over.  From the career standpoint, I made a mistake by moving from self-care to social criticism in my second book. Though Diabetes: Sugar-coated Crisis won awards, it was impossible to sell. 

I want to get back to writing things people will read. With the first book, I always noticed my most enthusiastic readers were overweight women. So I thought, why not write a book specifically for them? One that emphasizes that our social environment is designed to make people fat, that sustained weight control is difficult but possible, and that feeling good about yourself, loving your body, and a positive relationship with food will help. 

As with all my work, From Weight to Wellness would be scientifically grounded and focus on strategies and attitudes that help with behavior change. 

What do you think?  Would this kind of approach resonate with anyone, like maybe a publisher?  Or is it not a simple  enough solution?