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David LaRoche's Writings

Short Story
A Highway Refreshment and Others   –Dave LaRoche Red stopped for a burger at Jane’s Diner -- a wide place in the road somewhere along his ambling way. “What’ll it be?” A perky voice in a laundry-starched uniform that left little to imagination but must’ve been uncomfortable, replied. “Burger?” He asked “Hot, spicy, and fresh.” She grinned. “I’ll have...
Short Story
Nan’s Dead, or is She Dave LaRoche   Nan Babbling, having spent 85 years of her life in generally productive, if rural, pursuits, was suffering the wiles of a state-run nursing home in Little Burg, CA—far out in the boonies where care is cheap and offered by green-carded Filipinos and their newly-arrived cousins. She had exhausted her personal funds and the...
Short Story
      A Brittle Rose Dave LaRoche   Lila scurried through the house picking up, tossing out, and organizing. The damned meeting was at seven and she needed the house presentable—though she didn’t understand, as she hurried, why she went on with them. Ten years ago, when she started the group, they were well attended, useful, and fun—women...
Short Story
A Gift to Remember Dave LaRoche Christmas was spare when I was ten—FDR struggling with the Great Depression and my ol’ dad working six days a week just to feed us. Credit was nonexistent, checking accounts unheard of, and he paid for our family’s life insurance with twenty-cents each week. The Metropolitan man came around to collect it. We lived in a skimpy two...